Lessons and Mini Clinics

Individual, group and mini clinic requests are considered by calling (509) 386-2676 or emailing to ShandaZessin@gmail.com. Availability is first come first serve. Lessons include use of the round pen, arena and trail course and last approximately 1 hour.

Individual lesson rate is $50

Small group (2 or 3 people) lesson rate is $40 per person

Large group (4-6 people) lesson rate is $30 per person

$20 a night per horse for an inside stall with attached outside dry pen.

There is no charge for dry camping accommodations.

Many clients are scheduling private weekends for themselves and a couple friends. A mini clinic with people of your choice, so to speak. You can pick the number of hours of instruction and the number of participants. There is no minimum limit of participants and up to six maximum. Just give me a call to see what weekends we have available.

Payment is due at the time of the lesson, unless other arrangements have been offered.

Wild Cowgirl Horsemanship 2012 Clinics Video

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