NW and National Mountain Trail Championships – Nov 1 through 10, 2013

Wild Cowgirls show some color the first 10 days of November!   We were out in full force and we all were successful in our endeavors.   Lana Bland and Cowgirl topped the list with wins in the Silverado and Logan Arenas on both weekends.  Makenzie Zessin did great her first year in attendance and took a couple trips to the top of the podium with her trusty steed Wyoming.  Mickie Maxson-Box and Outlaw had several individual bests and they are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Chris Rolf and her two paints, Kat and Cowboy did well and took home several ribbons.  Bobbette and her new project, rescue horse Miss Peaches, improved each day and earned their first of what will be many ribbons.

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I was very happy with Sam in his first big competition.  He touches everyone’s heart, especially nephew Hudson’s, and he is definitely a keeper.

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